FlowX helps transport authorities react quicker to traffic incidents

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Authorities’ existing CCTV infrastructure

We extract transport data from existing CCTV cameras. By focusing on existing infrastructure, we avoid costly additional on-street hardware.

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Robust data security

We understand the sensitivity of our work. We have developed robust data security protocols to ensure complete compliance. We never extract or store personal information.


Real-time incident detection

We use this extracted data from existing CCTV cameras to detect traffic incidents. This allows traffic operators to prevent the build up of congestion.


How It Works

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Step #1 — We integrate with a transport authority’s existing CCTV network. We ensure to have in place extremely robust data security agreements


Step #2 — We use the latest computer vision techniques to anonymously classify objects (car / pedestrian / cyclist / truck etc)


Step #3 — We track these anonymous, classified objects across the screen — creating anonymous, granular data (counts / occupancy / speed / path etc)


Step #4 — We use this anonymous, granular data as an input into machine learning models to flag when traffic conditions are abnormal


Our Customers

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GovTech Catalyst contract

£50k SBRI contract with Department for Transport to test the feasibility


Integrated 10 analogue camera feeds

Trialling data collection & incident detection on 10 highways cameras


Integrated 1 IP camera feed

Trialling data collection & incident detection on 1 highways cameras


Integrated 3 analogue camera feeds

Trialled data collection on 3 public space cameras

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